Friday, 29 February 2008

March 1st. N731PT

N731PT PA31 now en route from Rekyavik to Wick. Not sure where he is heading next. Seems very quiet for eastbound delivery/ferry flights at present. Must be the real bad winds.

Afternoon update . N731PT Routed Wick to LFPN southbound via HONILEY in clear skies. Bonus!!

An update on N731PT.
The plane is going to have a new call sign. It will supposedly be YR-AND. The plane is going to be used for V.I.P. flights.

N850FS PA28 also routed south off WICK TO Ostend. C6-EVU C525 routed off Keflavik into Luton clear skies but unfortunatley way too dark for me to see :-((

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