Thursday, 31 January 2008

Moreton in the Marsh Fire training Centre Aircraft Review

A full visit organised by staffs aviation tours to view all the Airframes At The Moreton In the Marsh Fire Training centre revealed:

G-AZDZ Cessna 172K
G-BAPF Vickers Viscount
G-BKRD Cessna 320E Skynight
WT804 Hawker Hunter GA.11
XM404 BAC Jet Provost T.3
XP150 Westland Wessex HAS.3
XP680 BAC Jet Provost T.4

Minis for Sale

RAF Lyneham Base Visit 30/1/2008

A visit around RAF Lynhema Courtesey of Staffs aviation Tours

The following was logged on a very comprehesive visit around Lyneham. Invluding visits to the Tower and a Hercules Cockpit

G-BYUH Grob 115E Tutor
G-BYUV Grob 115E Tutor
G-BYWE Grob 115E Tutor
G-BYXH Grob 115E Tutor
G-RAFO Beech 200 Super King Air
TC-ACY Airbus A300
XK699 De Havilland Comet C.2
XV209 Lockheed C-130 Hercules KC.3A
XV217 Lockheed C-130 Hercules KC.3
XV220 Lockheed C-130 Hercules KC.3
XV290 Lockheed C-130 Hercules KC.1
XV294 Lockheed C-130 Hercules KC.3
XV664 Westland Sea King ASaC.7
ZH879 Lockheed C-130J Hercules C.4
ZH880 Lockheed C-130J Hercules C.5
ZJ707 Bell 412EO Griffin HT.1
472 Lockeheed C-130 RSAF

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

EastBound Atlantic Movers

Well since return from the french trip the Eastbound movers have picked up a little. And good news on Sunday N22UP PA42 Was routing Keflavik to Sion in Switzerland. Via HONILEY right over my head. Having looked at the forecast this look an almost certainty. Finally called up on 131.125 given direct Midhurst, even better !! I Stood outside waiting for this. Now on SBS flight level 270. I could hear it as clear as a bell, But could i see it in the wispy cloud NO.... Absolutley gutted :-(( Apart from that all the other Eastbound Stuff has been going eastbound off Iceland. A nice Saudi Air force Citaion HZ-136 almost tempted me for a trip out to Farnborough, but i resosted the temptation... Anyway Lyneham Base Visit Tomorrow afternoon preceded by a Visit around Moreton in the Marsh Fire Training centre . Report to follow Next.

Spotting Marseille Area Day 3

The museum at St.Victoret found:-

119 MS.760 Paris
1692 Sud Alouette II
225 Dassault Mirage IIB
557 Robin HR.100
F-GATQ Sud Alouette II
F-WGVH Sud Djinn
F-ZBBD Canadair CL-215
F-ZBBV Canadair CL-215
F-ZBDG Sud Alouette II

A couple of hours at Marseille

158 CASA 235
5R-MFG Boeing 767
7T-VJO Boeing 737
D-BJET Dornier Do.328J
EC-INF Canadair Regional Jet 200
F-GHQI Airbus A320
F-GHQO Airbus A320
F-GIPR Piper PA-28
F-GJAK Embraer Brasilia
F-GJMT Diamond DA-42 Twin Star
F-GKEL Beech 100 King Air
F-GKOT Sud Alouette II
F-GLNH Beech 1900D
F-GNLK Fokker F-100
F-GPDC Avro 748
F-GTRB Swearingen Metro III
F-GXAH Airbus A319
F-GYAI Airbus A320
F-GYFL Airbus A320
F-GZFP Sud Alouette Astazou
F-WWOO Eurocopter EC225
F-WWPU Eurocopter AS.355
F-WWXM Eurocopter EC-120
F-WWXO Eurocopter EC-120 black colours
F-WWXT Eurocopter AS.355
F-WWXU Eurocopter AS.355 blue colours
F-ZBAP Grumman TS-2A Tracker
F-ZBAZ De Havilland Canada Turbo Firecat
F-ZBCZ De Havilland Canada Turbo Firecat
F-ZBEH Grumman TS-2A Tracker
F-ZBEW Grumman TS-2A Tracker
F-ZBEY Grumman TS-2A Tracker
F-ZBFJ Beech 200 Super King Air
F-ZBFK Beech 200 Super King Air
F-ZBFP Canadair CL-415
F-ZBFX Canadair CL-415
F-ZBFY Canadair CL-415
F-ZBMB Beech 200 Super King Air
F-ZBPS Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZVLH NH-90 Oman AF
F-ZWTK/42 NH-90 Swedish AF
G-CMAF Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy
N23121 Cessna 182T
OK-CGI Boeing 737
OO-TNI Boeing 737
RSNF-720 Aerospatiale AS.332 Saudi Navy

Monday, 28 January 2008

South of France Spotting Trip Day 2

Thomson Hotels & Apartments

A visit to Salon de Provence this morning:-

083 Embraer Xingu
165 CASA CN235M
198 SAN Jodel D.140E Mousquetaire
200 SAN Jodel D.140E Mousquetaire
203 SAN Jodel D.140E Mousquetaire
211 SAN Jodel D.140E Mousquetaire
231 Fouga CM-170 Magister
439 Embraer Tucano
456 Embraer Tucano
457 Embraer Tucano
459 Embraer Tucano
461 Embraer Tucano
463 Embraer Tucano
464 Embraer Tucano
470 Embraer Tucano
471 Embraer Tucano
474 Embraer Tucano
477 Embraer Tucano
483 Embraer Tucano
484 Embraer Tucano
487 Embraer Tucano
489 Embraer Tucano
490 Embraer Tucano
492 Embraer Tucano
493 Embraer Tucano
494 Embraer Tucano
499 Embraer Tucano
499 Fouga CM-170 Magister
500 Embraer Tucano
501 Embraer Tucano
503 Embraer Tucano
511 SAN Jodel D.140R Abeille
513 SAN Jodel D.140R Abeille
531 Fouga CM-170 Magister
A123 SEPECAT Jaguar A
F-GEVZ SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GGNB SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GGNC SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GGND SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GGNE SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GGNF SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
R223 Aerospatiale C-160R Transall

On to Istres where the following were seen:-

01 Dassault Mirage 50M
147 Dassault Mystere IIV gate guard
471 Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker
5511 Aerospatiale AS.555 Ecureuil
F-GDFJ Dassault falcon 20G
F-WWEA Airbus A380

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A visit to the museum & airfield at Montellimar-Ancone

02 Dassault Mirage G8
07-DH Air Creation Fun GT BI
09 Dassault Mirage IIIA
101 Fouga CM-170R Magister
116 Sud Caravelle
116 MS.760 Paris
119 Fouga CM-170R Magister
11-FD DTA Dynamic 450
152 Sud Alouette II
186 Dassault Mystere IVA
20+03 Mig-23MF
21 Dassault Super Mystere B.2
21113 Canadair T-33AN Silver Star
21121 Canadair T-33AN Silver Star
214 Dassault Ouragan
23+94 MiG-21US
233 Dassault Mirage IIIB
235 Dassault Mirage IIIB
26-FR Air Creation Fun GT BI
26-MT Air Creation Fun GT BI
26-YM DTA Dynamic 15/430
26-PQ Raj Hamsa X'Air F
26-RI DTA Dynamic 15/430
26-TB Raj Hamsa X'Air Hannuman
26-UH I.C.P. Savannah
26-VA DTA Dynamic 15/430
26-VG DTA Dynamic 15/430
26-VH DTA Dynamic 15/430
26-VL Synairgie Skyranger
26-VP Raj Hamsa X'Air F
26-WF DTA Dynamic 450P
26-WN I.C.P. Savannah ADV
26-WQ DTA Dynamic
26-XK I.C.P. Savannah
26-XS DTA Dynamic 450
26-YK Eipper Quicksilver Sport ZS
30 Dassault Etendard IVM
37 Dassault Mirage F.1C
37811 Saab Sk-37E Viggen
4 LTV F-8P Crusader
458 Fouga CM-170R Magister
467 Dassault Mirage IIIEX
505 Dassault Mirage F.1B
55 Dassault Mirage IIIC
57 Fouga CM-170R Magister
84-CB Raj Hamsa X'Air F
94+54 Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star
98+58 Fiat G-91
99+27 Rockwell OV-10B Bronco
F-AZAI Dassault Flamant
F-AZEO Dassault Flamant
F-BMRU Stampe SV-4C
F-BXGJ Robin HR.100
F-CCLO Wassmer WA.22 Super Javelot
F-GBJM Reims-Cessna F.152
F-GCLV Piper PA-28
F-GGNA SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GGNZ SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GGVZ Piper PA-28
F-GLRN Diamond DA.20 Katana
F-GRES Max Holste Broussard
F-HEAR Diamond DA.40D Star Tdi
F-PCGS Pottier P.180S
F-PCGT Zenair CH.601 Zodiac
F-PRBE Stolp Acroduster Too
FU-29 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak
HB-EGP Beech H35 Bonanza
J-1055 De Havilland Vampire FB.6
J-1142 De Havilland Vampire FB.6
J-2001 Dassault Mirage IIIBS
J-2304 Dassault Mirage IIIS
J-4067 Hawker Hunter F.58
N56NA Douglas C-53
NF.11-1 Gloster Meteor NF.11
R-2103 Dassault Mirage IIIRS
RA-1174K Yak-52
XD613 De Havilland Vampire T.11

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On to Avignon-Pujaut

D-6503 Grob G.102 Astir CS
F-CBJR Scheibe SF-25B falke
F-CFCD Grob G.102 Astir CS Jeans
F-CFIJ Grob G.102 Standard Astir II
F-CGTR Centrair 201B Marianne
F-CHES Centrair 101A Pegase
G-WGSC Pilatus PC-6

and Avignon-Caumont

30-JJ Slepcev Storch
84-EY Cierva C.30 Replica
F-BLGN Agusta-Bell 47G2
F-BOHA Sud Caravelle
F-GDRV Bell 47G2
F-GDXA Aerospatiale AS.350B Ecureuil
F-GPKO Piaggio Avanti
F-GVIP Aerospatiale SA.365 Dauphin
F-GXPP Robin DR.400
F-GYCA Dassault Falcon 20E
F-GZIG SAN Jodel D.140
F-GZJL Robin R.3000
F-PJJC Co-Z Developments Cozy
F-PSYH Druine D.5 Turbi
F-PUYJ Dyn'Aero MCR-4S
HB-EXP Robin DR.400
HB-FOX Pilatus PC-12
ZU-WOW Hawker Sea Fury

South of France Spotting Trip Part 2.

22/1/08 Contined

The following were noted at Nimes-Garons:-

11 Breguet Atlantic
1575 Sud Alouette
31 Breguet Atlantic
45 Nord 262
49 Breguet Alize
5 Breguet Alize
50 Breguet Alize
52 Breguet Alize
53 Breguet Alize
55 Breguet Alize
60 Nord 262
63 Nord 262
69 Nord 262
71 Embraer Xingu
79 Embraer Xingu
87 Douglas C-47
C-FRHU Hawker Hunter
C-GZIB Hawker Hunter
F-GGMU Piper PA-28
F-GPAB Dassault Falcon 20F
F-ZBAF Sud Alouette III
F-ZBDC Sud Alouette III
F-ZBDE Sud Alouette III
F-ZBDI Sud Alouette III
F-ZBEG Canadair CL-415
F-ZBEU Canadair CL-415
F-ZBFS Canadair CL-415
F-ZBFW Canadair CL-415
F-ZBPD Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZBPH Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZBPJ Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZBPL Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZBPP Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZBPR Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZBQA Eurocopter EC-145
F-ZBQC Eurocopter EC-145
MM40118 Breguet Atlantic
TR-LTZ Douglas DC-8


F-BKOJ Morane-Saulnier MS.733 Alcyon
F-GCMC Piper PA-28
F-GCSG Cessna T.210
F-GDRS Reims-Cessna F.152
F-GEDG Piper PA-18
F-GGMY Piper PA-28
F-GJLS Cessna 172R
F-GPHL Robin DR.400
F-GURC Aero AT-3
F-GXAN Robin HR.200
F-GYCG Robin DR.400
F-GYXU Robin DR.400

The museum in Orange town revealed:-

0906 MiG-21
153 Dassault Etendard IVPM
222 Dassault Mirage IIIB
231 Dassault Mirage IIIB
241 Dassault Mirage IIIB
28 Dassault Mystere IVA
350 Fouga CM-170R Magister
358 Sud Vautour IIN
363 Dassault Mirage IIIRD
37 Dassault Etendard IVM
409 Fouga CM-170R Magister
4406 MiG-21
495 Dassault Mirage IIIE
52 Dassault Mystere IIC
526 Dassault Mirage IIIE
53 Dassault Super Mystere B.2
8 LTV F-8 Crusader
91 MS.760 Paris
A-267 Sud Alouette III
F-GHXR Aerospatiale SA.360C Dauphin
F-GIBF Max Holste Broussard
J-1183 De Havilland Vampire FB.6
J-4063 Hawker Hunter F.58
MM6306 Fiat G-91
U-1227 De Havilland Vampire T.55

A circuit of Orange base did result in much as the Mirage's weren't flying:-

38 Dassault Mirage IIIC Gate Guard
89 Dassault Mystere IVA Gate Guard
121 Dassault Super Mystere B2 Gate Guard
361 Dassault Mirage IIIRD Dumped
J-1124 De Havilland Vampire FB.6 Gate Guard


F-BTTH Dassault Mercure
F-GCVM Sud Caravelle
HB-PFS Piper PA-28
OO-TNH Boeing 737
UR-CAG Antonov An-12

An evening visit to Cannes found the following on the apron:-

D-EFNH Reims-Cessna FR.182
D-EIEE Reims-Cessna F.172N
D-HAUW Aerospatiale As.350 Ecureuil
F-BTMS Piper PA-23
F-BUOP Beech E.18S
F-BUYK Piper PA-23
F-GASY Reims-Cessna F.150M
F-GCYQ Reims-Cessna FR.182
F-GNJZ Diamond DA40 Star Tdi
F-GPKN Piaggio Avanti
F-GUVC Diamond DA40 Star Tdi
F-GVAH Robinson R22
F-GVIH Robinson R22
F-GVLH Robinson R44
F-GXES Piper PA-42
F-GYAT Cessna 404
F-GZDH Robinson R44
F-HDAI Diamond DA40 Star Tdi
G-DLOM SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
N344CD Cirrus SR-22
N406AE Eurocopter EC120B Colibri
N58JA Cessna 340
N752CD Cirrus SR-22
TU-TBC Piper PA-28

and at Nice a little later:-

CS-DRO Bae 125-800
CS-DRS Bae 125-800
D-ATTT Bombardier 604 Challenger
G-ITIG Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy
HB-FPY Pilatus PC-12
N560PL Cessna 560 Citation Excel S
N750GM Cessna 750 Citation X
OE-HPZ Bombardier Challenger 300
OE-LKE Dornier Do.328
VP-BSI Gulfstream G550
VP-CIT Dassault Falcon 900DX

Tour organised by

Friday, 25 January 2008

South of France Trip.

I have just returned from a 3 day spotting trip from France Organised by Staffs Aviation Tours. Covering a the bigger airfields and airports around the Marseille area.

We flew Ryanair from London Stansted to Montpellier. Where the following was noted

On arrival at Montpellier-Mediterranee, the following were noted:-

22 January

160 SOCATA TBM-700
F-AZRH Nord 260
F-BRNO Beech C90 King Air
F-BTTE Dassault Mercure
F-BUVV SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club
F-GBPZ Beech C90 King Air
F-GBQR Reims-Cessna F.182Q
F-GFLR Cessna 172RG
F-GGLN Beech 200 King Air
F-GIXL Boeing 737
F-GKXD Airbus A320
F-GLGM Airbus A320
F-GMQC SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GMQF SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GMQG SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GNSG Beech 58 Baron
F-GOVL Robin DR.400
F-GUVB Diamond DA.40 Star Tdi
F-HACH Robin DR.400
F-HDAU Diamond DA.40 Star Tdi
F-ZBPK Eurocopter EC-145

Then th short drive


27-RP Magni M-14 Scout
34-AAE Synairgie Skyranger
34-AAV I.C.P. Savannah
34-AAX I.C.P. Savannah
34-ABE Air Craetion iXess
34-CE I.C.P. Savannah
34-KN Air Creation Clipper
34-OP Eipper Quicksilver MXL II
34-RE Rans S-12 Airaile
34-UV Eipper Quicksilver MXL III Sport
34-VR I.C.P. Savannah
34-YB Raj Hamsa X-Air
34-YO Allegro SW
34-ZK I.C.P. Super Bingo
34-ZO Raj Hamsa X-Air
F-BDNN Stampe SV-4
F-BLCM Piper Pa-18
F-BLNM Jodel D.112
F-BSID Cessna A.188B AgTruck
F-BSST Cessna 210L
F-BVJY Cesna A.188B AgTruck
F-BXSQ Piper PA-34
F-BXXH Agusta-Bell 47G
F-BXXK Agusta-Bell 47G
F-GAJQ Schweizer-Grumman G-164B Ag-Cat
F-GCCE Cessna U.206G
F-GCJP Partenavia P.68B
F-GDLV Aerospatiale AS.355 Ecureuil
F-GFBJ Schweizer-Grumman G-164B Ag-Cat
F-GFFR SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad
F-GFMQ SOCATA ST-10 Diplomate
F-GGXD Robin DR.400
F-GHLO Rockwell S-2R Thrush Commander
F-GHNP Schweizer-Grumman G-164B Ag-Cat
F-GIEN Rockwell S-2R Thrush Commander
F-GJMU Rockwell S-2R Thrush Commander
F-GMKI Robin DR.400
F-GNFK Rockwell S-2R Thrush Commander
F-GNND Robin DR.400
F-GPNA Aerospatiale AS.355 Ecureuil
F-GPUH Sud Alouette
F-GRLT Mooney M.20
F-GSYB Schweizer-Grumman G-164B Ag-Cat
F-GUAD Sud Alouette
F-HAAC Robin DR.400
F-JZKR Synairgie Skyranger
F-JZVO ELA Autogyro
F-OGHF Partenavia P.68B
F-OGVN Partenavia P.68B
F-OGVX Partenavia P.68B
F-PBCH Piel Super Emeraude
F-PCLD Quaissard Monogast
F-PEVY Boudeau MB-16 Mickevy
F-PHAM Stolp Starduster Too
F-PIIX Piel Emeraude
F-PMTB Marie JPM-01 Medo
F-PPLM Stampe SV-4
F-PRIF Jodel DR.1050
F-PYAM Colomban Cri-cri
F-PYNH Brugger MB.2 Colibri
F-PZGQ Adam RA.14 Loisirs
N2514S Cessna 337C
N201DM Mooney M.20

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Beech 200 and Beech 76 - Air India Express

Catching up with the last 3 or 4 Days. With the weather absolutley awful since Wednesday morning there was bound to be some very interesting Overflights over me And well out of sight over the Cloud.   Yesterday a very nice new Beech 200 N34923 came over me rotuing from keflavik to Paris le Bourget. We tend to get around 1-10 Beech delivery a year coming this way and thats the first one Missed. Then Today N176MR Beech 76 has routed from Wick to Bournemouth and was clearly heard but would not break to low cloud base for me :-(.  On a more positive note Birmingham has been host to two deliveries, A quality Air India Express VT-AXV B737 that night stopped very nice. A today the New Flybe Dash8.


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yorkshire Trip Part 2.

Arrived at Bagby Late afternoon and luckily the airfield Manager was there and he opened up all but one of the hangars so virtually a full log. As we walked across the runway the airfield manager had advised that the runway was waterlogged but that there was a cherokee due in who he advised could land as long as he landed halfway up the runway. We continued to look around the hangars on the far side on the runway then as we headed back the lights of the inbound aircraft could be seen.  We watched him coming in but unfortunatley for the pilot he had not headed the warning given to him and landed very early right into the thick mud.  Luckily he didnt get boged down in the runway but landed with a heavy thud and the plane was covered in thick mud splashes.

 Anyway the log:

F-GFGH Socata MS.235
G-ARLR Beagle A.61Terrier 2
G-ASJY Socata GY-80160
G-AVGZ SAN Jodel DR.1050
G-AVMD Cessna 150G
G-AWLA Reims-Cessna F.150H
G-AXDV Beagle B121100
G-AXHS Socata MS.880B
G-AXHT Socata MS.880B
G-AXZT Jodel D.117A
G-AYSY Reims-Cessna F.177RG
G-AZSW Beagle B121100
G-BAGC Robin DR.400140
G-BBAW Robin HR.100210
G-BEYV Cessna T.210M
G-BGGG Piper PA-38112
G-BGMT Socata MS.235
G-BHVP Cessna 182Q
G-BHWK Socata MS.880B
G-BIDI Piper PA-28R-201
G-BIYU Fokker S.11-1
G-BJXA Slingsby T.67A
G-BMKK Piper PA-28R-200
G-BNDT Brugger MB.2
G-BOKW Bolkow Bo.208C
G-BPJW Cessna A.150K
G-BRBF Cessna 152
G-BSSE Piper PA-28140
G-BTFP Piper PA-38112
G-BUUJ Slingsby T.67MII
G-BWUV de Havilland Canada DHC-1
G-BZEN Jabiru JabiruUL-450
G-CEVA Ikarus Comco C-42
G-CHIX Robin DR.500200i
G-DEND Reims-Cessna F.150M
G-DJET Diamond DA42
G-EYCO Robin DR.400180
G-HULL Reims-Cessna F.150M
G-MGWI Robinson R44
G-MNVV Mainair GeminiII
G-MVET Mainair GeminiIIA
G-MVSE Solar Wings Pegasus
G-OMLS Bell Helicopters 206B-2
G-OTIV Aerospool WT-9
G-SAAM Cessna 182R
G-SKYC Slingsby T.67M
G-TERY Piper PA-28181
G-VBCA Cirrus Design SR-22
G-WCEI Socata MS.894E
N191ME Cessna T.206H
N2989M Piper PA-32300
VH-JVL Piper PA-18150

 Hope this is of interest.

Yorkshire Day Trip Part 1

15/1 A very wet trip out to Yorkshire and surrounding airfields.

First off was a very early tour of RAF Syerston chasing some elusive Royal Air Force Grobs.  Below is a list of what was noted around the hangar as day broke.

BGA2546 Slingsby T.30B
G-BSSP Robin DR.400180R
G-BTUL Aerotek S-2A Special
G-BYHL de Havilland Canada DHC-1
G-STNG TL-2000 Sting
ZE495 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE499 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE528 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE529 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE533 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE550 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE555 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE592 Grob VikingTX.1 (cockpit only)
ZE594 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE602 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE609 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE628 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE632 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE636 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE650 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE651 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE652 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE653 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE657 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE680 Grob VikingTX.1
ZE685 Grob VikingTX.1
ZH145 Grob VigilantT.1
ZH196 Grob VigilantT.1
ZH211 Grob VigilantT.1
ZH269 Grob VigilantT.1
ZH270 Grob VigilantT.1
ZJ961 Grob VigilantT.1
ZJ967 Grob VigilantT.1
ZZ192 Grob VigilantT.1

Very good in and out tour with time very valuable.  On to a few civil airfields to be covered in Part 2. The other Military base visit was at Dishforth with the following been noted.

XZ173 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ193 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ195 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ203 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ211 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ216 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ219 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ221 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ611 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ652 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ670 Westland LynxAH.7
XZ677 Westland LynxAH.7
ZB670 Aerospatiale SA.341
ZD278 Westland LynxAH.7
ZD279 Westland LynxAH.7
ZD284 Westland LynxAH.7
ZF539 Westland LynxAH.9
ZG884 Westland LynxAH.9

All in all 2 quality tours with some UK military frames hitting the book.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Staverton Airport Cessna 208!

Had a quick drive down to Staverton airport this morning for a Cessna 208 on delivery from the cessna factory to its new owners in Greece. Ferry flight registration N2028N.  Very nice. Also noted today was

G-ATBI Beech A23
G-BBFV Piper PA-32260
N2379C Cessna R.182
N37VB Cessna 421C
N790BH Cirrus Design SR-20

N1569C Cirrus SR-22

Although very strong winds and rain Managed to pick 4 new Frames :-) Well worth the drive and with an All day breakfast from the airport cafe it kepts the Mrs happy too! :-)

Friday, 11 January 2008

11 January - Getting Busier

A few frames heading east over the atlantic for the weekend.
N111AM C525 routed Rekayvik to Bristol as Clifton 9

Hopefully more to come. All i need is blue skies and a southern routing down the U.K. :-)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Still Very Windy

Yet another Very wet and windy Day. It did brighten up enough in the afternoon to give over an hour of blue skies. Managed a very nice German PA60 aerostar southbound up from Isle of man back to Germany D-IDEE hits the book. Plenty of Long Haul stuff northbound Air India, Qatari Airways and Alitalia but nothing that was Required.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Blue then Black

Hi All,

Well what started as a really promising day has gone proper belly up. 100% blue to 100% black and rain in 20 mins!!.  Managed to only get 1 paint scrape today that been YL-LCZ Boeing 767 of Virgin Nigeria routing south over me to London Gatwick. Missed a Canadian Airforce C17 routing north which came as soon as i had clouded over.  A few light General Aviation movements starting eastwards, but nothing of interest my way yet. Beech 36 left Leeds earlier and the Cirrus N553SR to Wick has carried on to Groningen. Hopefully Better soon.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Blueish and Windy.

After been kept up half of the night with the winds banging the letterbox Feel like crap.Pretty much Blue skies on and off all Day. Managed to miss best things though VT-ALL of Air India and N814BP Premier. Only thing hitting the book today was EI-DWR of Ryanair. Now leaving just EI-DWO required. Still nothing of note heading eastbound over the Atlantic very quiet hoping a rush of stuff east soon.

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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Quality Sunday.

Cracking weather today with a few even trailing. Have managed a few today.5A-LAC CRJ9 Libyan Arab Airways, 9V-SVK Boeing 777 of Singapore Airlines.Both South from Manchester airport. VT-JEG B777 Northbound from Brussels.  Finally caught up with G-EUUS of British Airways. Missed N142GA Cit560 north from Bournemouth to Wick! Heading back to the States. Also a new Air India B777 routing north off Heathrow :-(

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Friday, 4 January 2008

Looking Better


Loveley Clear skies today. Big blow to the start of the day. N41174 C525 has has from Keflavik to Farnborough over me around 7.30 , unfortunatley i didnt surface until 7.45!! Big blow. So far 2 x Jet Airways B777's have routed north from Brussels both evading my view due to no Trails!!! Have managed one so far though D-GERY partenavia over my at around 1000ft surveying.  Hoping for a couple today but without trails and nothing of great interest across the atlantic. May be difficult. More Later

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

3rd January - Snow????

Morning All. Yet another grey start here. A the forecasters issuing weather warning for all the UK yet another day with no OTT stuff look very likely. 3 Days into the new year and its a blank. Nothing of Interest routing over the Atlantic either only N470JF ATR42 heading to Iceland no doubt to the UK later. HOPEFULLY more later.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2nd January

Morning All,

Happy new Year to all reader. A very slow start to the year so far 2 grey days so far and not alot heading eastbound over the Atlantic.  A gulfstream 2 N159NB is currently en route Goose Bay to Luton and not a lot else.