30th December 2009

N208AD C208 Bangor to Goose Bay

N627V C525 Goose Bay to Keflavik


29th December 2009

N91A C525 Goose Bay to Reykavjik Then ???

N60QB C560 Goose Bay then Reykavjik Then ??

N627V C525 Bangor to Goose Bay (On delivery to TC-?)

C-FKBX DHC6 Iqaluit to Keflavik then Manchester

Any updates on the first 2 appreciated if indeed they did move.

28th December 2009

N850AL TBM8 Prestwcik to Reykavjik then Goose Bay

N208AD C208 TEB to Bangor

N1267J COL3 Goose Bay to Reykavjik

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27th December 2009

N5171Z C206 Goose Bay to Reykavjik

N850AL TBM8 Tarbes to Prestwick

N274JC GALX Reykavjik to Rotterdam then Southampton then Glasgow.

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26th December 2009

N5171Z C206 Goose Bay to Reykavjik

CUB1460 YK42 Keflavik to Sturup

HB-GPS B200 Goose Bay to Reykavjik

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23rd December 2009

N6133U B350 ICT-PSM- Goose Bay

N6382P BE90 Iqaluit to Keflavik

N24468 C172 Wick to EDAC

N643AS ATR Iqaluit to Keflavik then Shannon

N73CL PA32 Ejesburg to Southend

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22nd December 2009

GFA9000 A320 A9C-AE Finkenwerder to Manchester

N222NF C525 Keflavik to Le Bourget

YR-DAD C510 Prestwick to Bucharest

PCH1145 PC12 HB-FRS Stan to Prestwick then Reykavjik

N143JT C525 Munich - Keflavik then Goose Bay

20th December 2009

BFO920 CRJ9 Iraqi AW Montreal to Keflavik

C-FZKQ DHC8 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

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18th December 2009

N643AS AT72 Iqaluit to Keflavik

5N-DGN 125 Bangor - Keflavik To Biggin Hill

N578PS SR22 Reykavjik to Wick to Roskilde

LGL1 DHC8 Reykavjik to Luxembourg

N9665Y BE35 Reykavjik to Wick
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18th December 2009

LGL1P DHC8 Toronto to Goose Bay (4284) Then Reykavjik

N191MA PA31T Reyakvjik to Wick

CUB1460 YK42 Halifax to Gander

N3187N HA4T St Johns to Chester

N191MA Pa31T Reykavjik to Wick

N9665Y Be35 Goose Bay to EGILSSTADIR

N3188X H25B Shannon to Gander (Back to the Factory??)

N578PS SR22 Goose Bay to Nuuh

17th December 2009

N472PS D328 Goose Bay to Keflavik

N191MA PA31T Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

5Y-JLH CRJ2 Keflavik to Valencia CN 7113

N228G SR22 Reykavjik to Wick then EDAZ

N404RW SR22 Wick to Roskilde

N3188X H25B Shannon to Athens |(Cancelled)

N5278U C182 Full sutton to EDDT

N4870R PA28 Prestwick to Roskilde

N749SP C182 Shannon to Cascais

16th December 2009

N351AS LJ35 St Johns to Shannon then Birmingham

LNX02 C560 Keflavik to Bournemouth

N228G SR22 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N429JS D328 MYR To Goose Bay

N4870R PA28 Prestwick to Roskilde

C-FLDD BD100 Aberdeen to Luton

N404RW SR22 Reykavjik to Wick

N405FD SF260 Aarhus to Booker

N749SP C172 Reykajvik to Shannon

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14th December 2009

N405FD SF260 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N525AJ C525 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N6086Z PA34 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq (trying again)

N32PA LJ36 Gander to Birmingham

13th December 2009

N525FF C525 Reykjavik to Manston

N612SA B200 Budapest to Wick

N5275B C182 Keflavik to Wick then Aarhus

N5288V C182 Keflavik to Wick then Aarhus

10th December 2009

N12AM C500 Reykavjik to ENZV

HKB176 TEX2 Reykavjik to Wick then Antwerp

N5227K PA34 Prestwick to Varna


N5130Q / N5133W C182 St Johns to Keflavik

9th December 2009

N5227K PA34 BIEG to Prestwick

N211TM SR22 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

HKB176 / 280 TEX2 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

8th December 2009

N27ET PC12 Prague to Prestwick

C-FWEZ CRJ Stansted to Vnukovo

N318CP SR22 Reykavjik to Wick then Roskilde

N5277Y C182 Keflavik to Wick

N6EL PA34 Reykavjik to Wick

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7th December 2009

HKB122 / HKB178 TEX2 Reykavjik to Wick then Antwerp !!!
(Hopefully they all wont start going Antwerp!)

C-FWEZ CRJ850 Goose Bay to Stansted

PCH181 PC12 Stans - Prestwick - Reykjavik

N411RH BE90 Goose Bay to Narsarusaq then Keflavik then Shannon

N5277Y C182 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N318CP SR22 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N467CS C212

Picture as it passed through Guernsey Today (6th December 09) very smart N467CS Casa heading back to Wick after heading to Bordeaux Via East Midlands a couple of days Back

N467CS Casa 212

Photo Credit: Andy Ozanne

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6th December 2009

N71909 BE90 Prestwick to Reykjavik

N467CS C212 Guernsey to Wick

5th December 2009

HKB122 / HKB178 TEX2 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq then Reykjavik
Iraqi T6

N71909 BE90 Luxemborg to Prestwick

N360AB SH360 Prestwick to Budapest

N363PJ LJ36 Keflavik to Gatwick

N5227K PA34 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N5268C C172 St Johns to Jersey

N6EL PA34 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

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4th December 2009

N590HB BE90 Keflavik to Luxembourg

N360AB SH360 Keflavik to Prestwick

JAI9145 B738 VT-JBP Gander to Brussels

HKB122 TEX2 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq (Cancelled)

A couple more

N40XR LJ40 Goose Bay - Keflavik - Bournemouth

DLH9921 CRJ9 Montreal YMX - Keflavik - EDDN

One Westbound

N54CF C510 Bournemouth - Farnborough - Prestwick - Reykjavik

the latter has been the demo aircraft in Europe (which has been based at Blackbushe) so it maybe going home now?

3rd December 2009

N6351N B200GT Keflavik to Le Bourget delivery for???

N590HB BE90 Iqaluit to Keflavik

N6EL PA34 Bangor to Goose Bay

HKB122 / HKB178 TEX2 CYZV to Goose Bay

N181CS DHC6 Wick to East Midlands then Bordeaux

N467CS C212 as above!!

N360AB SH360 St Johns to Narsarsuaq

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2nd December 2009

HKB176 TEX2 Reykavjik to Stornoway then Ostend

HKB280 TEX2 As Above

HKB178/122 TEX2 Iraqi CYBG to Goose Bay

N181CS DHC6 BIEG to Wick then East Midlands??

N467CS C212 As above?????

VP-MNT BN2 Bembridge to Prestwick

N850MV TBM8 Tarbes to Prestwick then Reykavjik

N965DM TBM8 Tarbes to Glasgow then Reykavjik

N6351N B200 Iqaluit to Keflavik

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1st December 2009

HKB176 / HKB280 TEX2 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq the Reykajvik

HKB122 / HKB178 TEX2 DSM - CYYZ Toronto !!

DLH9040 DH8D Goose Bay to Reykavjik D-ADHT

N181CS DHC6 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N467CS C212 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

PCH78 PC12 Stans Buochs to Prestwick then Reykjavik

16th February 2023

 N523EF Beech 60 Reykjavik to Wick ===================================== Airbus A380