New Years Eve.

14.45. Very grey end to 2007. No chance of Anything on the airway today, With nothing due in BHX either. Looks like a blank day for the End of 2007. Dissapointed to see N87V The beech 90 from Luton heading upto Stornaway this Morning i would have liked to have seen that. Hopefully a better Start to the New Year. I would like to wish All readers a VERY Happy new Year. And i hope to continue this Blog virtually Daily throughout the new year. Please feel free to post any comments throughout the year and make it a more interesting read. Many thanks and a Happy New Year.

December 30th. Not good.

Looking very grim again today. 100% cloud cover zero of interest into BHX. Only thing of interest to me seems to be N87V BE90 from Toulouse to Luton. N87V is ex US Army U-21. Very nice. Very tempted for a quick trip down if it nightstops.
18.00. Yes was indeed a very poor day. Nothing happening with nothing hitting the book.
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December 29th - Looking Good

A much better looking day here. 100% blue skies BUT nothing on the airway trailing.
Needed a SAS A319 OY-KBP in BHX this morning so already 1 frame in the book. A post on Irish Spotters lists reports 2 x Cubana TU204s due in to Shannon. Very nice!!.  A couple of GA heading to WICK this morning from iceland. N8880Y PA30 and N12224 Cessna 182. Possibility they may come south but no doubt both will head to Denmark to beat the VAT loop hose closure on 31st December.

1400hrs N8880Y PA30 has indeed gone to Roskilde, Denmark. But cessna N12224 is now airbourne for KYRITZ in Germany.

December 28th - Dull and Grey

Looking to be another very dull and cloudy day here. The chance of anything over the top today is Zero. With nothing of interest for Birmingham either and absolutley nothing reported elsewhere worth a drive out either. Now Mid afternoon and still raining. No chance of any planes today. Ive been having a search around on Amazon to spend some xmas money on books. Check the following interesting reads out below.

December 27th

A fairly decent morning in Birmingham. Very high cloud and a few trails showing. Hopefully of interest later today or tomorrow is classic biz jet N103TA Sabreliner planned to route from Keflavik to Edinburgh, And currently en route Canada to Greenland.More later. Know any more ?? Absolutley nothing hits the book today :-( . A few of interest heading east across the Atlantic N630RB Cirrus en route to Iceland, And nice 125 N923XP to Goose Bay. Any updates or comments please post below.

Welcome to OTTSpotters Blog

Hello All,
A loveley blue sky day to launch the Blog. Unfortunatley being Boxing day i doubt if anything new with hit the book but you never know!! A couple of nice frames reported so far today 5A-LAC CRJ9 to Heathrow and even nicer N384GA Galaxy into Luton Airport.Another of interest today is N507XJ BAE146 Routed Rekayvik - Dublin to Lisbon unfortunatley nowhere near me :-(. Luckily for me a nice Citation 525 Trundled south over Birmingham Trailing nicely for the first Frame and only frame for the day F-HBPP enters the book! A very nice Christmas present with 7T-VCN Dash 8 of Tassilli Airlines arriving at Birmingham Takes todays total to 2 new Frames :-)

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Launched today 26th December 2007.

16th February 2023

 N523EF Beech 60 Reykjavik to Wick ===================================== Airbus A380