Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Welcome to OTTSpotters Blog

Hello All,
A loveley blue sky day to launch the Blog. Unfortunatley being Boxing day i doubt if anything new with hit the book but you never know!! A couple of nice frames reported so far today 5A-LAC CRJ9 to Heathrow and even nicer N384GA Galaxy into Luton Airport.Another of interest today is N507XJ BAE146 Routed Rekayvik - Dublin to Lisbon unfortunatley nowhere near me :-(. Luckily for me a nice Citation 525 Trundled south over Birmingham Trailing nicely for the first Frame and only frame for the day F-HBPP enters the book! A very nice Christmas present with 7T-VCN Dash 8 of Tassilli Airlines arriving at Birmingham Takes todays total to 2 new Frames :-)

Those of you looking forward to a few 'quieter' days ahead like me may want to spend to time looking for a few new spotting toys for the new year. Its a great time to buy off Ebay at the moment with numerous unwanted christmas present been listed. Grab yourself a bargain with a new Airband scanner. The following Airband Radios + Books Currently on Ebay .Or have a good look around and treat yourself to an SBS-1 box. Unfortunatley there none listed on ebay currently.

Launched today 26th December 2007.

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