Friday, 28 December 2007

December 29th - Looking Good

A much better looking day here. 100% blue skies BUT nothing on the airway trailing.
Needed a SAS A319 OY-KBP in BHX this morning so already 1 frame in the book. A post on Irish Spotters lists reports 2 x Cubana TU204s due in to Shannon. Very nice!!.  A couple of GA heading to WICK this morning from iceland. N8880Y PA30 and N12224 Cessna 182. Possibility they may come south but no doubt both will head to Denmark to beat the VAT loop hose closure on 31st December.

1400hrs N8880Y PA30 has indeed gone to Roskilde, Denmark. But cessna N12224 is now airbourne for KYRITZ in Germany.

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