N950AR MD11

Unusual visitor to Prestwick on 27th May 2012 was this MD11 N950AR.

Photo John Wilson.

N566F Citation 560xl

Westbound N566F Cessna 560XL Citation through Prestwick on 26th May. Departing after fueling to Iceland.

Picture John Wilson.

United States M-28s

2 Very unusual visitors through Prestwick on 26th May. These Polish Built M-28s.



Photos By John Wilson.

N3117J Piper PA46

Yet another Westbound flight on 25th May this time N3117J PA46 Departing the following day to Iceland.

Photo John Wilson.

N850MV Socata TBM 850

N850MV TBM850 Another Westbound Ferry Flight on the 25th May. Arriving from the Factory in France and departing to Iceland.

Photo Credit: John Wilson.

N4162J PA46

Friday 25th May Saw N4162J Piper PA46 arrive at Prestwick westbound from The Czech Republic and depart after
fuel to Iceland.

Photo By John Wilson.


Finally arriving at Prestwick evening of 22nd May 2012. C-FAYN + C-FAYU CL215s pictured arriving after crossing the Atlantic via Goose Bay - Greenland and Iceland.

Pictures By John Wilson.

Night Vision Binoculars

22nd May 2012

BBA21 DHC8 CYZD - Goose Bay m

N15C C525 Goose Bay to Keflavik

C-FAYN / C-FAYN CL215s Reykavjik to Prestwick

21st May 2012

C-FAYU CL215s Goose Bay to Narsarusaq

N8092F Beech Premier Goose Bay to Kefalvik.

Night Vision Binoculars

C-FAMI Cessna 560

18th May 2012 C-FAMI Cessna 560 Citation visted Prestwick eastbound. Arriving from Greenland and departing to Faro, Portugal.

Photo Credit: John Wilson.


Passing through Prestwick heading stateside for Paint and fitting out HB-FQG PC12 Callsign PCH355. 15th May 2012.

Photo John Wilson.

N44EV LearJet 36

Through Prestwick 17th May 2012 this N44EV LearJet 36. Eastbounder on a Medical fliht deoparting to Latvia.

Photo John Wilson.

N955MK Piper PA34

N955MK Piper PA34 Seneca arrived at Prestwick from Calais and departed to Iceland on 16th May 2012

Photo Credit John Wilson.

Afghan AAF Cessna 208s

Another 2 x Cessna 208s through Prestwick for the Afghanistan AAF.

2 superb Pictures by John Wilson of them arriving at Prestwick.

N859PL Pilatus PC12

Another eastbound. N859PL Arriving from Reykavjik and departing South to Biggin Hill on 15th May 2012.

Credit John Wilson.

N1070Z Mooney

A Mooney Passed through Prestwick eastbound after hoping the Atlantic on Sunday 13th May 2012.

Photo By John Wilson.

13th May 2012

N425FZ Cessna 425 Reykavjik to Glasgow then MountPellier

N458LM Phenom

Nice Visitor on 12th May eastbound through Prestwick N458LM smart looking Embraer Phenom.

Photo John Wilson

N850TM Socata TBM850

A new Socata TBM850 this time N850TM Through on 11th May 2012. From Tarbes and departing to Reykavjik

Photo John Wilson.

N404CZ Cessna 510 Mustang

Another EBACE Participant through Prestwick this one N404CZ Cessna 510 on Friday 11th May 2012

Photo : John Wilson.

N208AX Cessna 208

A Cessna 208 N208AX fuel stopping at Prestwick 10th May 2012 arriving From Iceland and later noted at Gloucester.

Photo John Wilson.

4X-CVI Gulfstream 280

On a ferry flight to the U.S. for fitting out and Paint. 4X-CVI Gulfstream 280. MSN visible on the nose 2005

Photo John Wilson.

81-0628 C130H

Another Dobbins Herc on the 9th May 2012 81-0628

Photo John Wilson.

N493CJ Cessna 525 CJ2

Arriving the 9th May 2012 from Iceland and Departing after fuel to Geneva for Participation in the EBACE Show.

Photo John Wilson

81-0630 C130H

81-0630 C130H Arrived at Prestwick 8th May 2012.

Photo John Wilson

N560WK Dash 8

An eastbound pond hopper this one. N560WK De Havilland dash 8 arriving at Prestwick 6th May and departing a couple of days later to Germany.

Photo John Wilson.

N850LH TBM850

A visitor to Prestwick Saturday 5th May.

Photo by John Wilson.

N15ZP Cessna 421

Pictured here at Southend 9th May 2012. N15ZP Cessna 421 arriving from Wick and departing to Nurnburg

Picture: Bob Evans

11th May 2012

N307PE C525 Gander to Keflavik then Edinburgh

N343PR Beech Premier Reykavjik to Stansted then Wroclaw

N404CZ Cessna 510 Reykavjik to Prestwick then Geneva

VT-SGZ B37 Gander to Shannon

9th May 2012

N15ZP Cessna 421 Wick to Southend then Nurnburg

N722NK Beech 400 Reykavjik to North Weald

C-GBCO TBM700 CYVP to Sondre Stromfjord

N510HW / N510KB Cessna 510 CYVP to Sondre Stromfjord

N150JP Cirrus SR22 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N493CJ C525 Goose Bay to Keflavik then Prestwick

7th May 2012

5H-ABG Dash 8 Keflavik to Glasgow

N103AL H25B Gander to Shannon

N15ZP C421 Reykavjik to Wick

N340LS Do328 Wick to Augsburg

N351CC Cessna 208 Doncaster to Geneva

6th May 2012

N351CC Cessna 208 Reykavjik to Dyce then Doncaster.

N466DC Mu2 Wick to Annemasse

N560WK Dash 8 Reykavjik To Prestwick

N854WA PA46T Reykavjik to Wick then Antwerp

N340LS Dornier 328 Goose Bay to Reykavjik then Wick

Wick was the Place to be today

5th May 2012

N991PC Cirrus SR22 Reykavjik to Wick then Beauvais

N15ZP Cessna 421 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N351CC Cessna 208 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord (The new cessna Demo for ebace or a delivery ??)

N401NA Cessna 402 Reykavjik to Stornoway

N466DC MU2 Reykavjik to Wick

N560WK Dash 8 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N828NS / N829NS Hawker 800

2 X Very nice westbound ferry flights N828NS AND N829NS both Hawker 800s look to be ferrying back to the U.S.

Pictrues by John Wilson

CS-DDZ LearJet 31

Another interesting visitor to Prestwick 4th May this Portuguese Registered Lear Jet CS-DDZ

Credit: J. Wilson

N2460C PA28

A eastbound ferry flight complete with stock on registration N2460C this PA28 arrived on the Morning of 4th and departed VFR shortly afterwards.
Anyone know the registration under then sticker?

Photo John Wilson.

N92NA Cessna 207

N92NA was a visitor to Prestwick on 4th May. On presumably a westbound ferry flight.

Photo John Wilson.

Jaguar Car Parts

4th May 2012

N2460C PA28 Reykavjik to Prestwick then?

N6700Z Beech 76 Wick to Roskilde

N991PC SR22 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

SXA920 B717 Goose Bay to Keflavik then Palma (Via HON) N906ME

Hawker 125-800XP for Sale.

Very interesting item appeared for sale on ebay. This Cockpit and forward fuselage section of a British Aerospace 125 -800xo for sale.

Would be a superb item to convert into a flight simulator or Restore for museum display.

[phpbay]Hawker 125 800xp Raytheon complete aircraft cockpit, 1, , , , , , , , , , , , , 4, [/phpbay]

[phpbay]Hawker 125, 8, "", ""[/phpbay]

3rd May 2012

N466DC MU2 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

SXA920 B717 Goose Bay to Keflavik

N149CK SR22 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N226FR SR22 Wick to Le Plessis-Belleville

N6700Z Beech 76 Egilsstadir to Wick

N888TF Cessna 510 Goose Bay to Reykavjik

N2460C PA28 Goose Bay to Reykavjik

N401NA Cessna 402 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

16th February 2023

 N523EF Beech 60 Reykjavik to Wick ===================================== Airbus A380