Wednesday, 29 February 2012

2 PC12s Prestwick 28th February 2012

2 Pilatus delivery flights flights to the USA on February 28th 2012.

HB-FSM PC12 Callsign Pilatus335. msn 1335.

HB-FSO PC12 Callsign Pilatus 337 msn 1337

Photos John Wilson.

165832 C40 US Navy

Pictured here Arriving at Prestwick Airport on 28th February 2012. 165832 United states Navy C40.

Photo John Wilson.

N941EF Dornier 328

Pictured here at Bournemouth before leaving for a New life with the USAF. Complete with stick on ferry reg N941EF And displaying US Military serial 10316
on the Tail. 26th February 2012

Photo Credit: MSPhotography

C-GLFS Dash 8 Spicejet.

A interesting visitor passing through Bournemouth in February was C-GLFS A Dash 8 in Full Spicejet colors. Returning to Canada after
been displayed at the Singapore Airshow.

Phot: MS Photography.

C-FPSA Dornier 228 United Nations

Arriving at Prestwick then Evening of 26th February from Iceland and seen here departing the following day to
Strasbourg. C-FPSA Dornier 228 .

Photo John Wilson.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

26th February 2012

N941EF D328 Bournemouth to Reykavjik

N492BB Phenom Gander to Shannon then Biggin Hill.

C-FPSA Dornier 228 Reykavjik to Prestwick.

N8109K Beech King Air 90

Passing through Prestwick on February 25th. This Smart Look King Air 90 in House colours. Complete
with Stick on Registration N8109K. Arriving from Reykavjik and Departing to Bologna. Anyone know
registration under the sticker?

Photo By John Wilson at Prestwick.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

25th February 2012

N8019K Beech 90 Reykavjik to Prestwick then Bologna

C-FPSA D288 Resolute Bay to Sondre Stromfjord

VT-KFA A320 Amman to Dublin

Friday, 24 February 2012

N134WJ Beech 200.

Superb looking Beech 200 pictured here arriving at Prestwick 23rd February from Germany and departing the following day to Iceland.

Photo John Wilson.

08-3177 C130J

A nice USAF C130 This one 08-3177 Passing through Prestwick 23rd February 2012.

Picture by John Wilson.

24th February 2012

N152SL P180 Genoa to Prestwick.

N134WJ B200 Prestwick to Reykavjik

C-GGUL Dash 7 Keflavik to Newcastle then Ancona

N8109K Beech 90 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N850MR Socata TBM850

Passing Through Prestwick on 21st February another new Socata TBM850 this time N850MR. From Tarbes and Departing to Iceland.

Photo by John Wilson.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

12th February 2012

N300CX TBM700 Reykavjik to Wick then Augsburg

N144LN SR22 Wick to Groningen

C-GEXI CRJ Iqaluit to Keflavik

RA-76503 Ilyushin IL76

A Nice visitor through Prestwick 10th February 2012.

RA-76503 IL76

Photo by John Wilson

Friday, 10 February 2012

10th February 2012

N144LN SR22 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N300CX TBM700 Goose Bay to Keflavik

Thursday, 9 February 2012

N546SL Pilatus PC12

Passing through Prestwick en route to New owner in the United States. Ex Austrian Registered Pilatus PC12 OE-ERM.

A true dilema for the Paintscrape Or Registration Spotter.... N546SL on a Stick or OE-ERM underneath??

Photo John Wilson.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

N15PX Global Express

N15PX Pictured here at Prestwick Aiport 7th February 2012. After diverting in from Glasgow Airport due to bad weather.

N15PX Bombardier Global 5000 cn:9382

Photo Credit: John Wilson.

ZZ177 RAF C-17

Diversion into Prestwick was this Stunning Royal Airforce C-17. ZZ177 Diverting in due to bad weather at its Base AF Brize Norton.

Pictured at Prestwick 7th February 2011. Photo Credit: John Wilson.

Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February 2012

N498AT ATR 72 Keflavik to Prestwick then Billund

C-GLUF Dash 8 Keflavik to Eindhoven

N259TX B400 Goose Bay to Keflavik

N525FF C525

A regular visitor to Europe N525FF Cessna 525 Passed through Prestwick Westbound on 6th February 2012.

Photo John Wilson.

N498AT ATR72 SXA904

The third ATR 72 passing eastbound through Prestwick. This time N498AT on 6th February 2011.

Photo Credit John Wilson.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

5th February 2012

N214CL SR22 Reykavjik to Groningen

C-GLUF DHC8 Goose Bay to Keflavik

SXA904 ATR72 Goose Bay to Keflavik

4th February 2011

N711MQ G2 Shannon to Geneva

N346T PA46 Keflavik to Wick then Antwerp

N8086L B350 Keflavik to Antwerp

N891E G5 Le Bourget to Luton

N988AP B350 Reykavjik to Luxembourg

N321P B200 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

Friday, 3 February 2012

N11EH Beech King Air 90

Passing through Prestwick 1st February en route back to the States. Ex Manx Registered Beech King Air N11EH

Credit: John Wilson

85-0032 KC10

Pictured here 85-0032 KC-10 Inbound to Prestwick on 1st February 2011

Photo John Wilson.


Another white PC12 This time HB-FSL 'Pilatus 334' Passing through Prestwick en route the U.S.

Photo John Wilson.

N494AE ATR72 @ Prestwick.

Pictured here departing Prestwick on 3rd February 2012. Arriving from Iceland and Departing to Billund.

Photo John Wilson.

3rd February 2012

N6380H HA4T Stansted to Linz

SXA903 ATR72 Prestwick to Billund N494AE

N214CL SR22 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N8086L Beech 350 Goose Bay to Keflavik

N988AP Beech 350 Goose Bay to Reykavjik

Thursday, 2 February 2012

1st February 2011

N11EH Beech 90 Gloucester - Prestwick then Reykavjik