Saturday, 30 May 2009

N127AB Ruschmeyer R90

N127AB Ruschmeyer R90

N127AB Ruschmeyer R90 Picture here at Southend 28 May 2009. Having arrived from Wick and departing a couple of hours later to Zurich. It had crossed over the Atlantic over the previous few days.

Photo Credit: Wesley Freemantle

30th May 2009

SXA623 DHC6 Reykavjik to Sumburgh then Wick then Southend (N723AR)

OD-STW B400 Reykavjik to Stansted (Cancelled)

N354PH DHC8 Goose Bay to Sondre Stromfjord

N355PH DHC8 Goose Bay to Sondre Stromfjord

Anyone got pictures of any of the above please mail .jpg to neil @ (remove the spaces) full credit given.

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Friday, 29 May 2009

29th May 2009

C-FIPO PA46 Reykavjik to Wick then Aarhus

N51911 C172 Reykavjik to Aarhus

N51163 C172 Gander to Reykavjik

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

28th May 2009

N51911 C172 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N350PR BE350 Reykavik to Manchester to Milan

N789LL BE350 Reykavik to Manchester to Milan

N898CA TBM Guernsey to Glasgow to Keflavik

N759RK C172 Southend to Straubing

N127AB R90 Wick to Southend then Zurich

N35572 C172 St Johns to Jersey then Dubrovnik

N3558U C172 St Johns To Jersey then Dubrovnik

C-FIPO PA46 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

SXA623 DHC6 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

27th May 2009

N985HS C182 Reykavik to Vagar

N127AB R90 Reykavik to Wick

N350PT B350 Goose Bay to Iqaluit then Sondre Stromfjord

N50153 LJ Goose Bay to Keflavik

N759RK C172 Reykavik to Stornaway then Southend

N789LL B350 Goose Bay Goose Bay to Iqaluit then Sondre Stromfjord

SXA623 DHC6 Goose Bay to Iqaluit

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

26th May 2009

N35572 C172 Bangor to St Johns

N789LL Beech 350 BUF - Goose Bay

SXA623 DHC6 Bangor to Goose Bay

Friday, 22 May 2009

22nd May 2009

N2248K C208 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N111LZ BE200 Keflavik to Luxembourg

G-ECOT DHC8 Reykavik to Birmingham

Thursday, 21 May 2009

21st May 2009

A6-FDB B738 BFI- Glasgow then Dubai

BEE040 G-ECOT Goose Bay to Reykavik

N111LZ BE200 Thunder bay to Iqaluit then Keflavik

N2248K C208 Thunder bay to Iqaluit

N48RA PA42 Goose to Narsarsuaq

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

18th May 2009

N666LG Cirrus SR22 Aarhus to Biggin Hill

N5CC DHC2 BIEG To Bergen

N6077Q PA46 Prestwick to Lelystad

17th May 2009

N6077Q PA46 Reyakvik to Vagar to Prestwick

N666LG Cirrus SR22 Wick to Aarhus

Saturday, 16 May 2009

16th May 2009

N5CC DHC2 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N51879 C182 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N666LG Cirrus Reykavik to Wick

N767AG Falcon 20 Gander to Keflavik

Friday, 15 May 2009

15th May 2009

N2423C C182 Wick to Leeds then Prestwick

N6077Q PA46 CYQB to Goose Bay

N19GE LJ23 Goose Bay to Bangor

A6-FDA B738 Boeing Field to Glasgow

Friday, 8 May 2009

8th May 2009

N82DU EA50 SYR - Goose Bay (Should route via Wick to Geneva EBACE)

N60041 B350 CYQB to Goose Bay (EBACE??)

N176FB PA42 Reykavik to Kassell

N4706A C210 Reyakvik to Prestwick

SXA604 MD82 Bangor to Keflavik

Thursday, 7 May 2009

7th May 2009

N19XD F27 Kemble to Verona

SXA604 MD82 VCV to Bangor

N2208L C680 Wichita to Gander

N60XR LJ60 Goose to Shannon

N176FB PA42 Goose bay to Reykavik to Kassel (D)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

6th May 2009

N19XD F27 Keflavik to Wick then Kemble

N3468D B400 Chester to Geneva

N563XL C560XL Edinburgh to Geneva

HB-IRJ DC3 CYZV To Goose Bay !

N497EA B752 Shannon to Keflavik

N226EM C650 Luxembourg to Keflavik

N562CC TBM Tarbes to Prestwick

N697CE C560 EDDL to Prestwick

N303AB C303 Dunkeswell to Split

N361JC PA31T Booker to Malta

N50600 C206 Bangor to St Johns

N176FB PA42 Bangor to Goose Bay

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

5th May 2009

N10427 COL4 Keflavik to Glasgow Then Geneva

N361JC PA31T Reykavik to Prestwick Then Booker

N466DC MU2 Reykavik to Wick then LFLI

N65EM C525 Reykavik To Aarhus

N19XD F27 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N4706A C210 CYVP To Sondre Stromfjord

Monday, 4 May 2009

4th May 2009

N10427 COL4 Iqaluit to Sondre Stromfjord

N303AB C303 Reykavik to Wick then Dunkeswell

N361JC PA31T Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N466DC MU2 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N6221N C206 Reykavik to Dortmund

N65EM C525 Goose Bay to Reykavik

Sunday, 3 May 2009

3rd May 2009

N10427 COL4 Thunder bay to Iqaluit

N145PM SR22 Reykavik to Wick to Groningen

N303AB C303 Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq

N31145 PA46 Reykavik to Wick to Lausanne

N6221N C206 Goose Bay to Reykavik

Friday, 1 May 2009

1st May 2009

N27LD C172 Bangor to St Johns

N5012V C172 Bangor to St Johns

N707HM B200 Keflavik to Luxembourg (Via HON)

N328DP D328 Iqaluit to Keflavik

N32BW AC690 Goose bay to Narsarsuaq

N6174Q Premier Iqaluit to Keflavik