Tuesday, 29 January 2008

EastBound Atlantic Movers

Well since return from the french trip the Eastbound movers have picked up a little. And good news on Sunday N22UP PA42 Was routing Keflavik to Sion in Switzerland. Via HONILEY right over my head. Having looked at the forecast this look an almost certainty. Finally called up on 131.125 given direct Midhurst, even better !! I Stood outside waiting for this. Now on SBS flight level 270. I could hear it as clear as a bell, But could i see it in the wispy cloud NO.... Absolutley gutted :-(( Apart from that all the other Eastbound Stuff has been going eastbound off Iceland. A nice Saudi Air force Citaion HZ-136 almost tempted me for a trip out to Farnborough, but i resosted the temptation... Anyway Lyneham Base Visit Tomorrow afternoon preceded by a Visit around Moreton in the Marsh Fire Training centre . Report to follow Next.

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