Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yorkshire Trip Part 2.

Arrived at Bagby Late afternoon and luckily the airfield Manager was there and he opened up all but one of the hangars so virtually a full log. As we walked across the runway the airfield manager had advised that the runway was waterlogged but that there was a cherokee due in who he advised could land as long as he landed halfway up the runway. We continued to look around the hangars on the far side on the runway then as we headed back the lights of the inbound aircraft could be seen.  We watched him coming in but unfortunatley for the pilot he had not headed the warning given to him and landed very early right into the thick mud.  Luckily he didnt get boged down in the runway but landed with a heavy thud and the plane was covered in thick mud splashes.

 Anyway the log:

F-GFGH Socata MS.235
G-ARLR Beagle A.61Terrier 2
G-ASJY Socata GY-80160
G-AVGZ SAN Jodel DR.1050
G-AVMD Cessna 150G
G-AWLA Reims-Cessna F.150H
G-AXDV Beagle B121100
G-AXHS Socata MS.880B
G-AXHT Socata MS.880B
G-AXZT Jodel D.117A
G-AYSY Reims-Cessna F.177RG
G-AZSW Beagle B121100
G-BAGC Robin DR.400140
G-BBAW Robin HR.100210
G-BEYV Cessna T.210M
G-BGGG Piper PA-38112
G-BGMT Socata MS.235
G-BHVP Cessna 182Q
G-BHWK Socata MS.880B
G-BIDI Piper PA-28R-201
G-BIYU Fokker S.11-1
G-BJXA Slingsby T.67A
G-BMKK Piper PA-28R-200
G-BNDT Brugger MB.2
G-BOKW Bolkow Bo.208C
G-BPJW Cessna A.150K
G-BRBF Cessna 152
G-BSSE Piper PA-28140
G-BTFP Piper PA-38112
G-BUUJ Slingsby T.67MII
G-BWUV de Havilland Canada DHC-1
G-BZEN Jabiru JabiruUL-450
G-CEVA Ikarus Comco C-42
G-CHIX Robin DR.500200i
G-DEND Reims-Cessna F.150M
G-DJET Diamond DA42
G-EYCO Robin DR.400180
G-HULL Reims-Cessna F.150M
G-MGWI Robinson R44
G-MNVV Mainair GeminiII
G-MVET Mainair GeminiIIA
G-MVSE Solar Wings Pegasus
G-OMLS Bell Helicopters 206B-2
G-OTIV Aerospool WT-9
G-SAAM Cessna 182R
G-SKYC Slingsby T.67M
G-TERY Piper PA-28181
G-VBCA Cirrus Design SR-22
G-WCEI Socata MS.894E
N191ME Cessna T.206H
N2989M Piper PA-32300
VH-JVL Piper PA-18150

 Hope this is of interest.

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