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How to Get Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

How to Get Cheap Flights to Las Vegas
By []Robert Amobi

Finding cheap flights is a great way to save some money when planning your vacation. If you can save some money here then you will have more money to play with. Smart thinking! So how can you get cheap flights to Las Vegas? There are several things you can do.

First of all, and this might already be general knowledge, avoid weekend travel and plan to arrive in Las Vegas sometime during the week. Why? Every Jim, John and Harry wants to get away for the weekend on Friday or Saturday. The airlines don't need to make any accommodations to fill up the planes and can afford to disregard passengers looking for a discount. On Sundays, most people are on their way home because it's back to work on Monday. So, ticket prices begin to go up on Thursday, skyrocket on Friday and Saturday, and then begin to show a slight decrease on Sunday. So the best days to purchase tickets to Las Vegas are Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Plan your stay in Vegas to include the weekend. Try, at least, to stay through Saturday night, which is the busiest time for airlines and the most expensive day to travel.

Book your flight as far ahead of time as possible. The earlier you can book your flight the bigger the discount you can get. On the flip side, if you are a last minute sort of person, you may be able to get a good deal very close to your travel date. This is because, at almost zero hour, the airline is trying to fill up empty seats. This method of purchase is risky, however, and not all companies do this.

Look out for special deals. Airlines usually offer knockdown prices during the slow periods. If you are not particular about when you want to get to Sin City then this is be a good option for you. Remember, Las Vegas is buzzing with action all year round. To stay informed of these deals, subscribe to airline newsletters and alerts and check rel=nofollow regularly.

Look into combining packages. Some companies offer reservations for hotels and car rentals as well as flights. If you book one or more of their services, they will offer you a discount.

If you have ever considered buying time-shares in Las Vegas then you may want to combine business with pleasure. In a bid to attract buyers, some real estate companies will fly you out and put you up free so you can get a taste of the Vegas lifestyle. The only requirements are that you fit into a specified income group, take a serious look at what they have to offer and listen to the sales pitch. A word of warning though, make sure you are serious about making a purchase and do not try to take these companies for a ride. Read the fine print. Some companies will charge you for the flight and accommodation if you don't buy what they are selling.

Most importantly, shop around and visit rel=nofollow regularly for on going specials and other guides on how to get discount hotel rooms, how to get around Las Vegas, how to entertain kids, how to get married, how to get free stuff and many many more from Las Vegas.

Robert Amobi

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