Wednesday, 25 November 2009

25th November 2009

HKB280 T6 Toronto to CYBG Then Carries onto Goose Bay

N208MN C208 Reykjavik to Prestwick then Eindhoven (Delivery for???)

N92819 PA46T Reykjavik to Prestwick then LFOZ

HKB176 T6 Toronto to IND (returning to US TECH?)

JKK8711 B717 Miami to Goose Bay

N81WE PA31T Prestwick to Reykjavik

N890GT BE90 LFGA to Prestwick to Reykjavjik

C-FBBA DHC6 Dubrovnik to Birmingham

N64436 BE36 Keflavik to Prestwick then Augsburg

N726RW G4 Geneva to Teteboro

N92819 PA46T Reykjvaik to Prestwick

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