Saturday, 28 March 2009

28 March 2009

N15613 B300 Prestwick to Keflavik.

N696MD SR22 Wick to Aarhus

Catching up on Some movers over the last 3-4 Days

N2234J C208 Goose to Jersey to Malta

N369ST PA46 Reykavik to Wick to Aarhus

N226BB Cirrus Wick to Gronningen

N26292 AA5 Wick to EDNY

N3078T PA34 Prestwick to Shoreham

N410DM C560 St Johns to Shannon

N6027W C172 Jerse to LDDU

N1219D C172 Jersey to LDDU

N8970N C441 Wick to EDAC

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