Thursday, 22 January 2009

22nd January 2009

LN-LTC BE20 Rekyavjik to Ostend

N345BR PA46 Goose Bay to Narsaruaq (Canx)

N722QS G200 Luton to Gander

N312UE Bae41 Bangor - Goose Bay - Keflavik (Delivery for ??)

N3217G H25B Gander - Stansted (Delivery for??)

C-FMFL FA50 Lesquin to Kelfavik

N835BA B737 Shannon - OMAA

N507SP C172 Shannon to Aarhus

N381GA GALX Shannon to Halifax

N278GA GALX Biggin to Le Bourget

N111EL ASTR Biggin to Amsterdam

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